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April 16th, 2008

cartoonmayhem @ 01:44 pm: Man's Fear Of God
This is a movie about a strict Muslim. He has lived his live as a monk and is protected from the world in every way. No drinking, no sex. Not even the exchange of money. But then he is sent into the world to collect the rents for his order. And is confronted with men who drink, abject poverty, inequality, bikinis and men who attempt to bribe him. He becomes afraid of temptation and is ultimately driven mad by his own thoughts as his dreams become his sin.

Do we have a concept of sin in our religion. What is sin to us? Your thoughts?

April 10th, 2008

cartoonmayhem @ 07:53 pm: Today I raise a Horn
To a wonderful man who would have been 86 today. He was an old war hero. Served in the Canadian army all 6 years, outlived 4 tank crews, heavily decorated, honourable man. He went home and started several businesses to support a huge extended family. While some had turned to crime and became drunks, he refused to do either. Taught his son never to let someone stick his finger in his face. His son in turn started a union at his work place so they could get benefits, stop being paid "part time" and get treated fairly for a change.
The war hero taught his son to stand up for injustice. He taught him well.
He deserves to walk among the Gods.

Hail Ron Sr.

April 4th, 2008

heethen_crone @ 08:41 am: Why can't we just get along?
This was posed as part of a reply to my reply to another post and I thought it deserved more thought and time than just a flip reply.  It's something that's bothered me and quite a few other heathens of my aquaintance for a while now.  Why, indeed, can we not just get along?  We worship the same gods and goddesses,  methods may vary but that's not the point.  We come from different places and sometimes linguistics are a great hurdle but we can overcome this too by taking time to carefully read and ask for clarification, especially when we know that our correspondant is not an English or whatever language speaker.   It's not even the old folkish-unitarian bull that we've been battling for the last 30 odd years.

I think, and YMMV on this one, that heathenry is growing quite a bit this last decade.   Many that came to us from Wicca and other practices  are thinking and doing things differently and this definately grates on the "old guard".  Hel, even I have a problem with some of the things they're doing.  I consider my self to be pretty much of a recon and a lot of these new folk aren't.  I think there's room for both in heathenry but we're going to have to synthesize and create something that fits within the ancestral belief system and the new work being done today.  Heathenry, as a living religion, would have and has changed over the miles and years and I believe that without the intervention of xianity, we'ed see a very different brand of heathenry practiced today than what our ancestors practiced 1000 years ago.  Would it be the mishmash we're seeing  now, Etin blots and the like?  Probably not, but something different.  Heathenry ought to be seen as a growing, living thing springing from the spirits, studies, and lives of it's practitioners and certainly  not the static written down practices of the middle eastern religions.   I think that a big part of what I'm seeing today is "good and evil are xian concepts and don't have any part in heathenry."   And to a point, that's correct.  Evil as a moral concept may have been pretty shaky but our ancestors had a pretty good idea of good and bad.  Else why would they have courts to assess weregeld when lines were crossed?  They were supremely aware that some actions were detrimental to the family, tribe, clan, and so on.  Survival was much harder in those days than now.   

Really wandering there.

Back to the point.  I think that it's going to become more important in the future to get more face to face time and this is really hard.  It's not just the logistics and cash flow nightmare 'cause we are literally all over the globe, but some folks don't want to meet other folks.  I say give us all a chance to hook up, even for a camping trip or weekend outing to a hotel or something.  Start small with meetings in your own area.  I know, impossible almost.  There are more heathens in my area off line than on, that for whatever reason are leery of meeting other heathens.  We have to figure out someway of breaking down these walls.   I tell 'em when I meet them "hey, I really don't bite."   The thing about the face to face is that when people actually meet and sit down to talk, they find out that the gulfs seperating are really not as big as expected.   Personally, I'm really curious about what some people are coming up UPG wise and trance wise.  Maybe not a traditional way of gathering information, but we're missing so much information on what our ancestors really believed and thought and practiced.  We have to flesh out the written record with something and I think the more we meet and discuss face to face, the better understanding we'll all have, the better chance to synthesize and grow.

Sorry for the long ramble.  I should have written down an outline and organized better.  But this is, at least, a starting point for discussion.

April 3rd, 2008

cartoonmayhem @ 06:43 pm: Fewer Rules, Some Questions
The term Asatru has fallen out of favour with many heathens, especially those who call themselves Bad Heathens. Politically incorrect heathens. Polysexual Heathens. Those on the outskirts of the "Heathen Hegemony."

What is a Bad Heathen? I don't know. I can't judge that. Honestly. It's not my job because to some I might as well be one myself. My disability makes me one. My naughty cartoons might. Who is to say? I'm not in the business of judging people and realizing that I might have been doing that in the rules, I have changed them. Pared them down.

What I want is for you to own your beliefs and feel that you aren't going to be attacked for your beliefs. Nor made fun of. I no longer know what's going to happen to Norse Heathenry. I don't know if we'll ever be united or if we're going to be a balkanized bunch. There seems to be a lot of sore heathens out there and I don't know why.

I've been in Canada, quite isolated, no kindreds here in Hamilton, so I have been out of the loop. But am I missing something? A few journals I have gone to have had very angry open letters then have slammed their journals shut.
And now there is a trend to call themselves Bad Heathens.

Is there a struggle for power that I am unaware of? A purging?

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April 1st, 2008

cartoonmayhem @ 04:00 pm: I just Wanted to say:
Happy New Year to those who still follow the New Year's Day of the ancients. There goes a story that the Romans and provinces celebrated New Year's Day on April 1st, but then a Pope moved it to January 1st to differentiate the Catholic Church from Paganism. So anybody still celebrating New Year's on April 1st was called a fool. Hence, April Fool's day. No joke. No prank. Just the truth. So in honour of this day I am wishing all of you and yours Happy, Prosperous, Healthy and Peaceful New Years 2008 or Roman Year (circa) 2761

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March 26th, 2008

kagriswold @ 10:50 am: Ragnarok
I've been thinking of Ragnarok lately as I see friends right and left have to declare bankruptcy and/or abandon houses and move the hell out to start over again.

I think Ragnarok would be a good thing. To clean house. Get rid of complacency and I hope to hell it gets rid of corruption, fatcats and those who think the rules don't apply to them.

If I sound pissed I am. This site allows ranting so Godsdammit, I am.

Those with strength, virtue and courage will come through okay through Ragnarok.
It doesn't necessarily mean the death of mankind. But it will mean the death of the current ways of doing things.

I don't necessarily accept the Havamal/Snorri version of Ragnarok. But it's inevitable. Whether it means the death of the environment or the death of civilization by bomb or massive war, it's going to happen. If things keep up the way it's going it might be in less than 100 years.

Forewarned is forearmed.

March 22nd, 2008

heethen_crone @ 09:51 pm: Eostara
A very glaed Eostara to one and all! 

March 20th, 2008

cartoonmayhem @ 01:42 pm: New Years
Today is the first day of Spring and in days of old, April 1st is New Year's Day. It makes more sense to celebrate the New Year at this time of the day. Today is also the spring Equinox. Ostara is celebrated this weekend. Some may want to blot today. I hail today to the honour of the Gods and Goddesses who kept us safe throughout this winter to ensure that we would celebrate the Spring.


And to the members of this group. May you be safe, happy and healthy. Keep your spirits high and do the best with the gifts the Gods have provided you. Gift for a gift.

February 29th, 2008

cartoonmayhem @ 07:43 pm: Hailsa All
I hope you found this extra day productive or if today is a day of rest in this weary winter then peaceful. Hail Thor. You may start slaying some frost giants now—please start slaying some frost giants now—as we have broken our record of most snow in February. And yes, it's snowing today, too.

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February 25th, 2008

cartoonmayhem @ 01:36 pm: Some Recent Changes in Membership Rules
I'm not sure if I had announced this publicly but…

This group is now members only. Any Heathen can join; the enrollment is open. But I did this for the group to feel safe from heckling, trolling and spamming. In order to feel a sense of community, we need to feel safe. Think of this group as a house. As a Virtual kindred. If we are not about to let a person burst in, say hateful, insulting things, vandalize and run off into the night, we shouldn't put up with this on an on-line community.

I went to a recent Blogspot site for an autistic individual and he was firebombed with heckling comments. Everybody who commented, he went and posted a baiting comment for each poster and at one point vaguely threatened his life.
I hope he contacted the authorities. Nobody should have to put up with this kind of hatred. And somebody who would beat up on a disabled person is especially reprehensible. I guess he forgot the golden rule of hospitality: if it would piss him off if somebody said it to him, he shouldn't say it to someone else.
I guess he is rage-filled and has few outlets, so they scour the Internet for places to vent their brand of bile. the sad story hereCollapse )
To think I was simply looking for an insider's opinion on the GFCF diet and found this irritation instead.

So I am doing this for you.
To minimize your aggravation. Being in a minority religion is challenging enough, right? You can put your comments here knowing that I am going to delete any hate-filled posts.

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