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I wonder if the word Asatru has fallen out of popularity because…

…Because some right wing Neo-Nazi has parked the name in Europe. If so, that's a weak reason. Not one individual should be so dictating about what the rest of us do. But…I also wonder if the term Asatru has fallen out of favour because so many kindreds who used the term then busted up, as kindreds seem to do alot in North America, and people soured on the word. Is Asatru, the word more popular in Europe than North America? What do European Asatru call themselves.

Is there a better term than Asatru (which acknowledges the Aesir but not the Vanir) and also the too-generic word "Heathen."

Asatruar or Heathen

what exactly is the deal, I like being called an Asatruar or Asaman, but you all like Heathen, I am unsure of the word, and don't hate me for this, but I had thought the Kristjans used the word heathen as a way to insult us, or is it really what we call ourselves?

Its a good weekend

Just need some clarity, some say today is Midsummer and others say it is tomorrow. I would like to some clarification on this. Gonna perform a nice blot for our good friend Baldr when i figure it out. If no one really knows the plan was to do it tomorrow anyway. Aside from which day it is, we are close enough, so everyone have a great Midsummer, I know I shall try.
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A Nugget

Those who would choose atheism over faith have to realise: Atheism IS a faith. A belief that there are no Gods. It is very much as dogmatic as fundamentalist religion and thus subject to the opinions of people trying to make sense of their world.

I have been an atheist and I choose faith over atheism because I believe there are Gods and we have souls that live on after our bodies have passed into history.

But this is my belief. What is yours?
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Has anyone heard of the term Asagnostic?

I don't know because as far as I know I just made it up. But in the spirit of the phrase "if you see Buddha on the road, kill him" I would rather err on the side of supreme skepticism than fundamentalism.

I have seen a lot of watering down of a lot of Heathen groups lately. Many of the multitrad variety are coming in and arguing for some of the really flakier "crystals, candles and incense, oh my" variety.

But not just that but people coming onto Heathen sites and arguing for hailing Jesus and Moses as well as Thor and Odin at a sumbel. I almost became bald from pulling my hair out on that one.

And everytime I point that out that we're losing sight of heathens for our Northern Gods and our Gods only, I get shouted down or ignored. What's the point of even having a religion at all if we don't put our pantheon first? We might as well become Universalist Unitarians.

I knew it was getting bad when Asatru was becoming a bad word, when the 9 virtues were ejected. What do we have to build on if our blocks are taken away?

I believe in the Gods. I am not sure about the religion. I'd rather keep my brain.

The reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers
I accept.

George Carlin
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Anonymous Versus Cults

The children may or may not be returned to the Mormon Sect. All is hinging on whether or not the children were abused sexually and under age girls being forced into motherhood.

And of course the patently illegal act of polygamy. This is a large part of the dispute. Also at issue is free will.
Free will is the one thing that is missing from cults.

Anonymous is waging war on Scientology because of the cult status of that religion. The money flows only one way—into the coffers of the church. Which then issues SLAPPs (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participants) or bully suits against those who dissent.

Anonymous is attacking the bully suits by flooding YouTube with Tom Cruise having his mental meltdowns, Scientology lectures (which always focus on what services you can buy) and message boards with some of actual quotes by L. Ron Hubbard: you don't get rich writing science fiction, if you want to make a million bucks, start a religion.

Anonymous is taking a stand and fighting Scientology with its own weapons. Bankrupt former members are coming forward in droves, for every website that Scientology succeeds in taking down, another one pops up.
People are now suing the cult. Telling their stories. Exposure is Scientology's worst enemy.

Heathenry is about the polar opposite from being a cult. Free Will is rampant! People choose freely whether to join or not. There is a wide divergent of the kinds of people who join and people choose their own Gods to identify with.

"Worship" is a disputed term in Heathenry whereas in cults, worship is paramount, as is submission.
"Submission" is a dirty word in Heathenry.
People who disagree often form their own groups. It's an open door policy. People have the right to vote with their feet.

What holds Heathenry together.
What common values do we have?
What kinds of weapons do we have at our disposal if the government notices us?
Would you consider yourself a Libertarian?

Religious Freedom in America: oxymoron?

The American attitude towards religious freedom, lately, has been on shaky grounds. The whole 1993 Waco fiasco, the government lying about setting the compound on fire and needlessly killing the residents.
Does anybody remember how David Koresh, the group's leader used to go jogging every day and regularly reported to the police department. Yes, he was a nutjob, but their pretext of raiding the compound on a weapon's charge turned out to be a boondoggle.

Now once again the government has raided another Texas compound, a fundamentalist Mormon group, and taken all the children away after receiving an anonymous child abuse tip that the government has failed to back up.

There are two strikes against them: some of the mothers are underage and bigamy is against the law.

But, do you think the government goes too far in raiding religious groups and breaking them apart? All the children are being put in foster homes and the mothers are distraught. Was that fair?

What do you think they can do to us? Do you think there is any reason why the government would target Heathenry and what would be the "charges?"